Is This Normal?

Are you a new mother? Maybe newly pregnant? If so, the BIGGEST congratulations to you!

There’s so many options when becoming a mom and it can definitely be overwhelming. Luckily, feeding your baby the right nutrition doesn’t have to be.

Oh the options…

When I was pregnant with my first I felt like the options were endless. Would I try cloth diapers or go straight to Pampers or Huggies? Honestly, that was a no brainer because I was not about to scrub poop off of a cloth diapers so store bought it was! Organic bedding or regular bedding? I went with organic and made sure all of our sheets were cotton instead of the microfiber sheets that are popular right now. I also wondered if I would buy baby food or make my own so it would be as healthy as possible for my children. I ended up making my own baby food for my first child. By my second child, I made it for a short period before switching over to pre-made baby food. Now, for my third child, I went straight to buying baby pre-made baby food because I’m on such a time crunch these days as a mom of three.

The BEST of BOTH worlds!

I’ve found the best of BOTH worlds! Little Spoon baby food is the next best thing next to homemade with all of the healthy ingredients in them so you can rest easy while feeding those little mouths.

Little Spoon is tailored to your childs eating style and any baby allergies that your child might have (something I for one, LOVE and am so impressed by since my kids have food allergies). They have ingredients like, “coconut oil, pea tahini, green apple, beets, pumpkin seed, pitaya, cinnamon and flax oil”. To say I’m really impressed by this company, would be an understatement. I’m so excited to have partnered with such a great company and I’m SO confident that you and your little ones will love it, just as much as we do!



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