I want to tell you a little bit more about who I am and what makes me,”me”.

I am a wife & mother. I am confident, I am kind. I’m emotional and definitely cry way more since becoming a mommy. I love hair color and love change. I’m sometimes too vocal (however I’m learning to count to 10 before speaking first LOL) and I LOVE HARD. I’m all about Jesus Christ and all about my family. Those 2 things are my life in a nutshell. I am from the Cosmetology industry so I have an obsession for hair, nails, and makeup and I adore massages! I love, love, LOVE people (even when they hurt me), and I love meeting new people. My mom always used to tell people when I was a babe, that I’ve never met a stranger. I do my best to love on people and make them feel like they are family & I love crowds and love entertaining!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a Type A personality haha!!! Some of my favorite things are singing, worshipping, road trips, decorating and DIY, Golden Retrievers (especially my puppy Max), SHOPPING (but what woman doesn’t like to shop right?) and shoes……the obsession is REAL! I adore the sun and try to catch every good summer pool day there is on warm days & my favorite holidays are Thanksgiving (maybe because of all the food I dunno) and Christmas! I like to soak up all the feels of ┬áthe holidays!


My favorite foods are mashed potatoes and gravy & water with lemon! I could actually live on those two things. Mmmm! Amongst those two things, I also love mac n’ cheese (the real kind that you make homemade with A LOT of cheese –btw, did I mention I’m allergic to dairy?!?! Well sometimes you have to make sacrifices), Reisling, Eggnog, Chicken Alfredo (dairy again…are you starting to see a trend??), I love food period and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sunday dinners with lots of family around, lots a chaos and craziness and good authentic, homemade Italian food!


Life is a gift and I do everything I can to use every minute to make lasting memories. I’m extremely thankful for where I am today and what & who the Lord has blessed me with so I figured it was time to start sharing my passions with the world which is how I got started with blogging. I’m excited for this new chapter in my life and I hope you all enjoy reading my recipes, hearing about my workouts, seeing all my pictures and everything in between!!!!