My New Favorite Natural Deodorant

I’ve tried sooo many different natural, non-toxic deodorants and some worked for a bit, some didn’t..but there’s one that has stolen my heart over the past few weeks and I can’t wait to give you the scoop on it!

Why Paleo?

I’m a little late with this post but I couldn’t wait to share why we switched over to a paleo lifestyle with you all because IT HAS CHANGED OUR LIVES!

Healthy Snacks For Those Picky Little Eaters

Everybody knows kids rule the house and if they’re not happy, ain’t nobody happy-especially mama! I’m sharing some of my favorite “go-to” easy snack ideas to keep those picky eaters happy.

My Trunk Club Review

Ya’ll know how much I looooove Nordstrom right?!! Well if they couldn’t get any better, they went and added a monthly subscription box called the Trunk Club. Here’s my review on everything I got in.

My Postpartum Workout Routine

Our bodies are incredible vessels with the way they transform to carry a baby and then transform back into the way we looked beforehand. It’s not always easy getting back to the way we looked before and for a lot of us, it takes hard work. Today on the blog, I’m sharing my postpartum workout…

Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Skillet Chicken

Trying to eat healthy but not finding anything that looks or sounds appetizing?! Try this recipe and I PROMISE it will change your life!! No seriously, TRY IT!

Top 5 Nursing Bras

I get asked constantly about nursing bras and which ones are “the good ones”. I want to tell you about MY top five picks based off of experience.

Nursing Friendly Options

Are you a breastfeeding mommy? I am and i know that finding good nursing friendly options, that are still cute and stylish are super hard to come by. I’ve rounded up a few things that I think are both adorable and easy to wear for breastfeeding mamas.