Back To My Roots

I am feeling so many emotions as I begin to write this post and share my thoughts and feelings on just how I have been feeling over the past several months. I hope you find this as exciting as I do and I hope you’ll continue to stick around to see this flourish.


When I started my blog, a year and a half ago, I wanted it to be based on our lifestyle (naturally, duh) and how our day-to-day looks. First and foremost, I am a mother and that’s my job and passion. I also have grown to really enjoy cooking and baking and have really taken a liking to trying new things with different recipes in our paleo (mostly paleo) lifestyle. Next, I LOVE fashion, but hey, who doesn’t, right? So, when I started this blog, I wanted it to encompass all of these things that I love but somewhere along the way, I ended up going more in the direction of a fashion blog, which is fun but its just not where my heart truly is. There’s only so many clothes and shoes one person can have and that just wasn’t fulfilling me the way I had always thought it would. Therefore, I have decided to continue on with my blog based off of motherhood, since that is my role in this season of life and I couldn’t love it more. I am extremely passionate about being a mom and sharing my life and the crazy things my kids do on the daily and that is what resonates most in my soul. That is what fulfills me.

I’ve debated for months and months now on making some changes to my blog because…well, it’s scary, it could be risky, and so forth. However, my heart just keeps coming back to this same place so I know now is the time.

If you’re wondering how and what I will be changing to make this happen, here it is…


  • a blog focused on motherhood and all that that entails
  • you can bet your boots I will still be sharing my outfit of the day’s, favorite sales, capsule wardrobe looks, etc – only I will be doing these (for the most part) in my Instagram Stories
  • and since we all have to eat, I will still be sharing the new recipes that I try as well as fan favorites in my Instagram Stories as well as in blog posts
  • authentic real talk, with real life challenges and struggles in the life of a mom
  • my favorite beauty finds also in my Instagram Stories and occasionally in my Instagram feed
  • and probably the BIGGEST CHANGE of this year which I have gone back and forth with for sooo many months now, but, I have decided to re-brand my blog name to something that is more “mom” based.
  • you can also expect a newsletter to start sometime in 2019 and that will be called “The Bagliani Post” and I’m S U P E R excited for it!!!


This is where YOU come in! As I said above, I am re-branding my blog name to something that has to do more with being a “mom” and something that is more relevant to the direction I’m taking my blog. I have loved “Fare, Flair & Fit” and hopefully can figure out how to still encorporate it to an extent but once I come up with a new name, this blog will go by that. How do you fit into all of this you ask? Well, I need YOUR help to help me choose a new name!!! AND, if I pick YOUR name, I’ll be sending you a whole lot of happy mail! Also, a little fun fact behind the name of Fare, Flair & Fit. My mama,. who is a elementary school teacher helped me come up with my blog name. She has always been my biggest fan and always has helped me with things like this and clever email names etc so she is a little sad to see it go but is excited for what comes next!


I’m excited to take this leap of faith and trust God to lead me on this new chapter of my blog and I firmly believe that this is what I was meant to be doing all along but just got caught up in what I thought I had to be doing in order to “make it”. Like I said earlier, I will still be sharing all the sales (for us ladies and kids), all of my favorite home inspiration and decor, recipes, organizational hacks, etc but most of that will be in my Instagram Stories and my feed will mainly be all about motherhood – the good, bad and the ugly. I hope you will continue on this journey with me and if you have any thoughts I’d love to hear them below!

XO, Rachael

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