All Things Kopari

I couldn’t wait to write this review and share this brand with you guys! I’m always looking for new products and more ways to live cleaner and with Kopari, they make it easy.

I’m reviewing the products I’ve been using for the last few weeks for you below. I highly recommend trying Kopari for yourself and truly believe you will fall in love with them the way I have.

I first decided to try them because they were made with organic coconut oil and that’s something we use on the daily in our home. I then researched them and found that they are also vegan,sulfate free, paraben free, phthalate free & cruelty free.

Another cool thing? For every dollar spent, Kopari donates for Waves for Water. I love a company who gives back.


1. Coconut Shower Oil – I quickly became obsessed with this oil and my kids too! As soon as they hop in the shower that’s the first thing they grab (and they use entirely too much of it!) They always say “mmm smells like the beach!!”.

2. Coconut Skincare Essentials – this skincare pack is “all the things” and honestly has been the first (yes I did say FIRST) skincare routine that I have ever carried out in full daily. Before Kopari I never used a full system, mainly because I never found a full system that I really liked until this one.

3. Flawless Face Kit – if you’re not sure you want to spend the money for the full size skincare essentials yet (which is totally understandable because I felt the same way) grab this mini kit (this is what I did initially to try it).

4. Coconut Lip Scrubby – my skin and lips get extremely dry during the winter months and this scrub has kept my lips moisturized while exfoliated of any dead skin.

5. Coconut Lip Glossy – I am completely OBSESSED with this gloss you guys! It’s been the ONLY thing to help my lips heal when they were cracking and bleeding this winter! I have 3 and swear by these!

6. Coconut Deo – these smell soooo good and make me wish i was sitting on a beach someplace! Haha. Ok, I have two of these and these are so far, my favorite aluminum-free deodorant that I’ve tried! Do your pitts a favor and grab one of these!

7. Coconut Charcoal Toothpaste – I’ve been using this toothpaste now for about a month and LOVE everything about it! It whitens ad detoxifies all while still feeling fresh. I’ve seen great results already!

8. Coconut Toothpaste – for those of you who might not want to use a charcoal based toothpaste, this ones for you. It’s still made with coconut oil and still has that fresh, clean mouth feeling when you’re done.

9. Bamboo Toothbrush – I’ve been using this brush with the charcoal toothpaste and love it! However, if you have sensitive gums I would not recommend this brush for you because it’s more of a “medium” when it comes to softness of bristles.

As always I only share what I absolutely love and believe in and all of these opinions are my own. I hope you find this helpful and any questions, just comment below! Thanks for being here with me!


Yours Truly

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