My New Favorite Natural Deodorant

I’ve tried sooo many different natural, non-toxic deodorants and some worked for a bit, some didn’t..but there’s one that has stolen my heart over the past few weeks and I can’t wait to give you the scoop on it!

I first switched over to a non-toxic, aluminum free deodorant when I met my husband nine years ago. Since then I’ve tried soooo many different types to find “the one” that worked the best for me. How do you find the right deodorant for you when there’s like, a million kinds?!? Ok, I might be exaggerating slightly but still, there’s A LOT!

I noticed that after I had Kayla I started stinking and it was more than just a postpartum smell. It was a stank and I smelled like hoagies. Lol, Italian to be exact. I wasn’t eating Italian hoagies to be smelling like them and I couldn’t figure out why I was sweating and smelling soooo bad. I decided that once again it was time to look for a new deodorant.

Well, guys. I am SO impressed with this new brand I started using a few weeks ago and you NEED to try it!! After watching so many people rave about the products and this deodorant I thought to myself, ok now is the time to try Kopari. Kopari products are non-toxic, aluminum free, and it’s made from coconut oil and it smells like you’re on a beach!!! It’s incredible! Check out Kopari Beauty for their whole line of natural products. They are also gluten free, paraben free, non-gmo, sulfate free, cruelty free, & phthalate free. An added bonus is that for every order placed, they donate a $1 to Waves for Water which gives clean water to every person who needs it. You can read more here for the full scoop on this.

Let me know which natural products you have tried and which are your favorite! As always thanks for being here with me! It means the world.

Yours truly,


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