Current Beauty Faves


Hi ya’ll!!! Gosh, it’s been SOOOOO long since I’ve made a post and I will catch you all up to speed on why in a second! First, I have to say that I am SO pumped to share some of my current beauty obsessions, so lets jump right in!

Ok, so, first of all I know what you’re all thinking…   I know you’re all like “where has this girl been?!” I get it totally. Buuuuttt, I’m back now. 🙂 

Life is crazy sometimes and often unpredictable and that’s how I found my life to be 6 weeks ago. In the blink of an eye I found myself house hunting, packing up my house and preparing to move into a new home and it all happened within 6 weeks. I never saw it coming BUT, it was a giant blessing and God knew what He was doing. On top of that, I was really sick with this pregnancy into my 2nd trimester and completely wiped out that I physically had to take a break (family and babies have to come first). 

However, I have to say, I am super excited to be back at it again, so thank you for sticking with me on this amazing and wild ride and please be patient with me as I navigate through “life” and my blogging. xo

B E A U T Y    F A V E S

  1. Dior Addict Lip Show “Pink Glow”: is BOMB you guys! My bestie gave it to me and now I’m hooked!!! The best part is it comes in so many different shades and it’s like a stain for your lips and actually stays on while moisturizing! It’s SO worth the money too!
  2. Tarte Lip Drench “Happy”is one of my favorite lipsticks and I’m pretty obsessed with Tartes lipsticks because they are extremely smooth and like butter on your lips. This color also is such a deeper, rich red that it will go with so many different skin tones. It’s a must try in my book!
  3. NYX Micro Brow Pencilhas really impressed me to be honest. It’s a very fine tip and it goes on like hair strokes. The only negative thing I will say about it, is that I ordered the color “chocolate” and it was much lighter in person than in the picture online so if you order this pencil (which I HIGHLY, HIGHLY suggest), order a shade darker. 
  4. Anastasia Brow Dipahhhhhhh (angels singing), is a G A M E – C H A N G E R ladies! This brow dip is ridiculously easy to use and so stinkin precise! It is one of those things that you need to have time to do and not be rushing through it. At least not till you have it down, but this I’m completely obsessed with! Another plus to this item is that you literally only need to dab it lightly into the brow gel and a little goes a loooooong way. I ordered “Medium Brown” fo myself.
  5. Anastasia Brow Dip BrushIf I didn’t have this brush to apply the brow dip gel, I would not get as precise and perfect of a line as I do. (Also, be checking my stories on Instagram and Facebook page where you can see me doing a live tutorial/video of how to use it and put it on.


If you guys have any questions about anything or any of these items, definitely drop them below and I will answer them! Be sure to be following me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!


Have a great week! xoxo




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