A Passion for Style


Our world is full of all kinds of styles…home style, fashion style, pet style, you name it – its out there. I’ve always loved fashion and style since I was a little girl but who doesn’t right?!?! Well I decided to take my “style” to the next level.

In October of this year, I decided to take the plunge and jump into this company called, Stella & Dot and boy am I glad I did!! I’ve been wearing Stella & Dot for 8 LONG YEARS and I’ve never joined the company!!! Whatttt why?? I have no clue, I’m just happy I didn’t wait any longer.

Stella & Dot is a boutique brand of jewelry, hats, purses, scarves and now clothing as well. The jewelry is nothing short than incredible, it’s made well, and should anything happen to something you purchased they stand behind it no questions asked. I mean, just look at the Sutton 5-1 necklace I’m wearing above, it’s gorgeous and easy!

Ok, so you want to know why I decided to get into this business while I’m already so busy as a wife, mother, blogger, etc.? Passion. A passion for style

I’ve always loved making people feel happy and good about themselves, which is why I LOVED working in the salon because people left a new person, with fresh new confidence. Now being in Stella & Dot, I get to see people sparkle with excitement when they try something on that they love. It makes my heart happy to help them find a new joy – even if it is only a necklace or scarf.

It’s so easy to sass up a basic tee, or ruffle top shown above with a statement necklace like the Analena Pendant shown here and you can be confident leaving the house that you look like a goddess!

And have you noticed how layering is all the rage right now? Whether it’s layering a bralette and this Free People top or layering necklaces, you will never go wrong with layers. EVER. Especially when they are engravable necklaces like a tag or a bar like I’m wearing above – they are personal and unique to YOU.


Something else that really sold me about this business, was being able to get out and get a little “me time” through trunk shows and style sessions (shown above) and get to make some easy extra cash. I get some time alone to myself (because you can’t talk to toddlers all day every day, forever right??!), and it gives me the chance to interact and meet new faces ( which I’m ALL ABOUT) so it’s a win-win for me. I can completely make my own schedule based on my life, kids lives, hectic school and sport schedules etc and that was key. There are no quotas, no monthly minimums you have to make.. it was pretty much a no brainer. Ask me again, why did I wait so long to join???? Sigh.


However, I must say, that my favorite part of this business and my new venture is bringing such special women onto my team and seeing them love this just as much as I do. It’s not a job when you love what you do and who you work with!

If you have any questions, if you’ve been thinking about jumping into a new adventure, I would encourage you to check out Stella & Dot because it’s nothing short of amazing. I would LOVE to have you on my team and in my family so if you have any questions at all please ask. 

If you don’t want to make any extra cash on the side but would like to check out all that we offer, visit www.stelladot.com/rachaelbagliani .


Have a beautiful Monday + a blessed week!

xo, Rachael

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