Perfectly, Imperfect


“A picture speaks a thousand words…”  This is what speaks to me…

As I was deleting pictures off of my phone because I no longer have space to do anything else, I came across these pictures and as I looked at every single one of them..everything I felt at that moment, I felt again.

Happiness. Love. Stress. Exhaustion. Frustration.

And I thought, man this mom thing is amazing. Yes, in that moment, I felt a slew of emotions and thoughts all within seconds of each other. I remember thinking “I just want 1 good picture you guys…just 1!” as both kids were trying to run in opposite directions, LITERALLY sending my anxiety and frustration through the roof.


But then I thought, as frustrating and exhausting as those 10 minutes were, I would never wish to “undo” any of it. I still had 10 minutes of memory-making (exhausting and all) that I got to spend with my littles.

Motherhood is hard, motherhood is exhausting (to say the very least). I mean……I’m pretty sure I haven’t slept in 4 years and I’ve been surviving off of caffeine and kisses and that’s ok. This life as moms that we’ve been given on this earth is the most incredible, most special gift we ever could have been given (outside of salvation that is) and no matter what our days throw at us, no matter how many times you’ve been spit up on, no matter how many times you’ve wiped poop off of those cute little cheeks, no matter how many times you’ve pulled food out of your hair — motherhood is beautiful. It’s a beautiful journey.

Would you really choose to forfeit this opportunity if you could do it over?

I love being a mother – no matter how hard it gets and no matter how many times I think “I can’t even remember what my hobbies are anymore” or “Who am I? l’ve completely lost myself”.  None of that matters at the end of the day. When you’re rocking your baby to sleep at night, or reading them a goodnight story & tucking them into bed, or holding them tight while watching them feed off of you knowing YOU are their lifeline – that’s the only thing that matters. NOBODY can do what YOU do so give yourself a break. You’re doing great mama!

YOU were made for this. THIS is your story and my story and it’s perfectly “imperfect”.  It’s ok, that we get frustrated,  and yell (we all do it), and cry (you know I’m talking that “ugly” cry) because that’s all a part of the journey. This beautiful thing called motherhood. If you don’t feel like you have a mom tribe, let me be your tribe for love and encouragement.

Mommin’ is hard, but together we can get through anything!


Leave any love and comments below!




Duster – LuLaRoe Sarah  //  Black Tank  //  Perfect Jeans  //  Fringe Sandals



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