Find Your Happy


Everybody has something that settles them and calms them down so what brings you to your “calm center”?

After a long day of cleaning up legos and stuffed animals 65,000 times, by the end of the night I just want to sit down and relax and find my calm. I normally do this  by having a glass of wine, or catching up on a Hallmark movie (I really can’t wait for the Christmas movies to start!!!) but I always – ALWAYS – have a candle lit. I burn candles all day long I kid you not. Aside from the candles making my home smell cozy and warm, there’s just something about a real flame glowing and flickering that calms me down in the midst of my every day “mom” craziness. Lately, I’ve been reading “The Blessed woman” by Debbie Morris and it’s so good and relatable and that has been my mommy timeout along with my candle burning right next to me.


I decided to try this candle company called Wicksly which is a candle subscription that is mailed directly to your doorstep (because if you’re anything like me, in-store shopping with toddlers, does NOT mix)! This candle was the first candle that I received and it’s so soothing, ….like it puts me to sleep and I can always use more of that since my days start between 4:30-5 o’clock every day!

Yup, true story.

This candle company has a really great story behind it all too. When the founder of this company was a little girl, her mother wanted to save the “good candles” for a special occasion because of the expensive price tag. When she got older she thought, why can’t everyone burn their “good candles” that smell so good and make the room feel “homey” without an bankrupting them? Thus came, Wicksly. Their slogan is “Life’s too short to not burn ‘the good candle’” and I couldn’t agree more. Every month I now have this sweet,  luxurious (inexpensive) candle delivered right to my door and who doesn’t like getting packages?!?


I highly encourage you to head over to Wicksly candle company and explore all of the subscription options and candle scents that will light up your home. Also check out their Instagram and Facebook as well!

Everyone needs something to put a smile on their face – let Wiskly be that something. Use my code: FFF10 for 10% off of your first subscription!





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  1. What a fab idea! I’d love a candle subscription!! X

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    1. fareflairfit says:

      This subscription will be perfect for you and I’m confident you will love the scents as much as I do!!

      Liked by 1 person

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