3 Ways to Wear This Go-To Plaid Shirt


Plaid is going to be big again this season and buffalo plaid is definitely trending. I’m going to show you 3 ways (out of the many), that you can style plaid shirts! Starting, with this one…

It can be hard to imagine how to wear outfits and what to put together if they aren’t on the manikin and set up for you in the store. Plaid is a major favorite of mine and you can do so many things with it and it will go with so many different looks!

•F I R S T  L O O K•


I think we all could figure out to put plaid with some cute cutoffs right?! Plaid looks awesome paired with shorts or jeans and the more rips and tears the better in my opinion. As you can see it even works if you want to pair some booties with it instead of your go-to flat sandal!

Plaid Shirt  |  Cutoff Shorts  |  Booties

•S E C O N D  L O O K•


Processed with VSCO with fp8 preset

You can also cuff your favorite pair of jeans and throw it on with them and a utility vest or even a down vest with some sandals or booties depending on the look you’re going for. You could even throw a striped long sleeve tee underneath the plaid for a different look! I’ll post a mixed pattern outfit soon for you all!

Plaid Shirt  |  Black Washed Jeans  | Sandals  |  Ring

•T H I R D  L O O K•


Plaid looks great with leather!!! I personally love red plaid with green so I chose my green suede heels. As you can see, you can style plaid a lot of different ways and combos.

Plaid Shirt  |  Leather Skirt  |  Heels


Thanks for coming by!!


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