All The Feels Of Summer


Just because we only have a couple weeks left of summer, doesn’t mean we have to put away all our summer clothes! Keep those off the shoulder tops comin’!!!

Can you believe it’s the middle….almost the end of August already?!? Woo wee where did the time go?? My baby is starting pre-k this year and I will admit I’ve already cried 5x so far….JUST LAST WEEK! I’m not ready for summer to be over and school to start! When did I become a prek mom?!?! Tear.. Enough about me.

Is anyone watching the eclipse today? If so make sure you’re keeping your eyes protected with certified glasses and keep your littles away from the windows! We are going to play it safe and watch it on tv or online and hopefully I’ll have my littles in bed napping during it.

Ok so this lace off the shoulder top is sooo pretty and very feminine which is why I bought it. It’s super flattering and comfortable and very cool and breezy too. I got this at Revolve and it’s by State 1.

Off The Shoulder Lace Top


These jeans are my new fav piece from A&E. Since I’m short, rips never fall in the right places on my legs BUTTTT, these babies do!!! I’m in “jean heaven” right now!!!  Now that I know A&E ripped jeans will work on my short legs I kind of want to go crazy and just buy them ALL!! This could be a problem…

Ripped Distressed Jeans  //  Tory Burch Flats


Let me know what you think of the eclipse today and whether you watched it outside in person or online/tv?! I want to hear everyone’s stories and thoughts!! Keep those sunnies on and enjoy!!

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