PURA Organics


Hating that dry, summer skin you got there? Have you lost that “glow” that you normally have? If so, this will restore all your skincare needs!

I want to share a couple of my favorite skincare products of the summer with you. PURA Organics is a MUST TRY if you aren’t familiar with them. I always tend to have dry skin and even more so in the summer with the heat & salt air so I’m always in search of new products to try to combat that. These two products are a couple of my favorites (so far) from their line and I cannot wait to try the rest of their skincare!



This cleanser is a “game-changer” for dry skin. No lie!!! Besides being organic and having this incredible smell that is bottled up right here in this perfect little jar, the consistency, is…awesome! It’s thick and creamy but not heavy when you wash your face with it. It’s absolutely amazing and my skin feels SO soft after washing with it! I highly recommend trying these products-they will not disappoint you!

Next up on my list is the…



This firming lotion also, smells amazing but even aside from that you can tell as soon as you touch it, that it’s packed with moisture and richness. This lotion has been keeping my hydrated over night and into the whole next day if I don’t wash my face! (Yes, sometimes I don’t get to wash my face every day because I barely have time to eat with my two littles. If you’re a mom, you totally get this)! Again I completely recommend trying these products out if you’re having problem areas with your skin or even if you just want to break it up and try something new. You won’t be sorry!

Check out PURA Organics and try them for yourself! I guarantee you’ll be hooked!!



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