The Paleo Lifestyle


Everybody always asks me, what is paleo? What does it contain? Is it hard? Well I’ve answered all of your questions as well as went into our paleo lifestyle. 

My family started this crazy ride of paleo in November of 2016 so I’m no expert but I definitely have learned the ropes on this lifestyle.  I have learned that above all you have to be P A T I E N T with yourself with this way of living because everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. What my weaknesses are (carbs and sweets) are not my husbands. This lifestyle requires a lot of discipline and hard choices but I promise you it will be worth it.

We started the paleo way of living when doctors could not figure out what was wrong with my little girl (she had just turned 3 at the time). She had all kinds of things happening and they kept running test after test with no answers, only guesses and hypotheticals. They of course wanted to put her on various kinds of medicines “just in case”, that’s what she had. We said NO WAY HOSE! That is when we said enough is enough, and we decided to go and see this homeopathic doctor in Maryland who I had known and heard about for almost 2 decades. 

This woman, Dori, had quite the reputation for helping numberous people with life threatening illnesses such as stage 4 cancers, ms, lupus, etc and many of which I have personally known over the years. That’s when my husband and I decided we needed answers and we had already tried the other route and it had us going in circles. We finally got in to see her after being on a waiting list, she tested my daughter for everything you could possibly imagine on something called “The Biofeedback Machine” and that is when we got our answers. Praise the Lord! God is good!

We initially talked to her in November and told her what was going on with our daughter and she told us to put her on paleo and not just her but we all needed to do it, especially me, being the mother. I said ok absolutely, whatever I have to do to heal her body. Well after she went over everything she wanted us to eat and not eat within the paleo diet my head was S P I N N I N G. Literally……ok, not literally but it felt like it. The first thing out of my mouth to my husband, Steve was, “I don’t know how I’m going to do this” but I knew for my baby I would figure out a way. THAT is when our lives changed forever

Ok so that was a little background as to why we started. Now here’s all the answers to the questions I keep getting. Ready? Ok let’s dive into this!


When I spoke to her she told me to start the paleo lifestyle which is NO Soy, NO Gluten, NO Dairy (What?!? I’m Italian, I eat cheese!), NO refined sugars, NO processed foods, NO GRAINS!!! In addition to those few things which are the basics, she told us no white potatoes and of course they are my favorite but they are the highest form of sugar when they break down in your body. They are actually a higher sugar than high fructose corn syrup!!!! Yikes, no wonder so many people have so many health problems let alone cancers. Side note: cancer feeds on sugar – remember that. She also told us not to do corn (it also turns to sugar and you’re body cannot digest it) and no legumes. What’s a legume? Legumes are soybeans, lentils, peas, beans, peanuts, clover, and the list goes on. Legumes although some legumes are forms of protein, your body doesn’t have the ability to process them which will lead to intestinal problems and leaky gut. Lectin intolerance is the inability to digest certain proteins in some foods called lectins, which are found in legumes. You can see why this is such a HUGE lifestyle change for someone can’t ya?!


However — it was LIFE-CHANGING. Literally, LIFE-CHANGING. My daughter today, is like a totally different kid. She is delayed in speech but once we started on this paleo lifestyle she started talking so much more and started making progress by leaps and bounds. She started gaining weight (and she loved everything I made which is crazy because she’s a #toddler). I myself lost 10 lbs that I had been trying to lose for 4 years, we all gained incredible energy, mental clarity on a whole nother level, we didn’t suffer from allergies this year (and we have every other year), the kids didn’t get the common colds, but more so than all of those perks we watched our daughter be transformed into this vibrant, healthy little girl. Now, it’s not all because of paleo, although that is a giant part of it, but it is because MY GOD is so powerful and so GRACIOUS that he heard our cries and saw our hearts and our willingness to do what we were told and HE HEALED HER. I always want to give the Lord the credit and I’m so thankful he put this amazing woman, Dori, in our life so that we could get on track and get “healthy” finally as a family. 


Ok enough about this, here’s the fun part. I have this new-found love for cooking and baking and I’ve found and learned how to create amazing, healthy foods that taste awesome that we all love! I’ve done a lot of redo’s because I wouldn’t like the texture or taste of something (I’m extremely picky when it comes to flavors and textures and if I don’t like it I won’t eat it). These muffins pictures below, are incredible and I’m so thankful I found this recipe from The Paleo Running Momma. They have saved my life as far as having a sweet delicious treat that still complies with the paleo lifestyle.


I’ve also made these Neapolitan Cups and also these Paleo Reese’s Cups and they too have been just enough to satisfy cravings.


Paleo doesn’t have to be boring….and it doesn’t have to be bland. Just look at the pictures of what I’ve made…I NEVER thought I could but I did and so can you! Below is Grilled Brushetta Chicken and it’s AMAZING and Fried Zucchini with a homemade honey mustard sauce! Live life in flavor!



A couple of my other favorite sweet treats are the Paleo Salted Caramel Blondie (my husband loves blondies) and this Flourless Chocolate Banana Zucchini Cake…

I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have or help you get started on your paleo lifestyle so please let me know and I hope this was informative and helped you to start your own journey!




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