Warm Summer Glow


It’s summertime and everybody knows what that means – tan lines and sunshine! We all want to bake in the sun but some of us might be nervous to do that with all the risk. I’m a sun worshipper so I totally get it but I think I have the perfect solution to this problem!

When I was younger I would get to the beach by 10 (AT THE LATEST), and leave between 3:30-4 and that was a successful beach day with a successful burn that would turn to a nice, dark, bronze glow. Now, in my much wiser years, lol, I’m a little more hesitant about baking in the sun and the risk it runs with not only the various kinds of skin cancers but also the damaging aging affects. Well, I have a solution that works and will give you the same desired summer glow but without all the risk!

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Meet, St. Tropez, your new best friend! This sunless tanning foam is your solution to being summer ready (you can even create your own tan lines), without having to sweat it out, get sandy, go in the ocean and possibly get stung by a jellyfish (or worse, go to a lake! Just imagine all the snakes swimming between your feet -sorry lake-goers, I’m not a fan of cedar water in my wiser age haha)!!!  Anyway, getting back on track. I am in love with this brand of self tanner because it does NOT turn me the dreaded orange color. It does NOT streak me and part of why I think it doesn’t leave streaks on me is because I use the applicator mitten and that thing is priceless.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and go get yourself this mitten to help you apply a streak-free, “golden” summer glow and a bottle of the St. Tropex Foam! It will be worth every penny I promise you!

Till next time…




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