Stripes & Some Sunshine


This top is by far the most comfortable, softest shirt I’ve ever put on my body! And has been one that I’ve been wearing often too.

Fare Flair and Fit-28-EditI just told you that this top is made from amazing fabric and is super soft but what I didn’t tell you was that the back of the shirt is cutout with 2 fabric strips across the center of the back and it makes for some fun dressing. This supper soft shirt is by Lush and you can get a similar style here!  There’s so much you can do with that. You could put a lace cami underneath it or a lace bandeau bra.  Or, you can do what I did and add a Coobie bra with a fun pattern underneath the shirt! Coobie bras are my FAVORITE bra to wear, especially since having kids. Listen up ladies, if you have kids and hate wearing bras you have got to check out Coobie bras. Seriously, there’s so many different styles to choose from, tons of colors and patterns and there’s so much support without the underwire! Hooray for comfort!!!


My cutoffs are from Abercrombie but I also love the following cutoff shorts (these, these & these) just as much! I paired my outfit with these shoes that happen to be on sale right now for $23 at Target!!!!! I love Target so much – it’s actually a problem. And my lip color is MAC “Hot Gossip” – a favorite of mine.

Until next time,

Toodles babes! xoxo

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