Fare Flair and Fit-26

I’m sure you keep hearing about all the craze with Stitch Fix but have you actually tried it yet?! If not, here’s why you NEED to!

I decided to try Stitch Fix a couple of months ago and now I’m HOOKED. It seriously takes all the guessing, all of the “what am I going to wear?” out of everything. It’s like God sent me my own personal fashion angel! How’s it work? Well, you tell them exactly what size you are, your measurements, what you like and don’t like, your shoes size, what kind of jewelry you like and don’t like and most importantly, the price range you want to keep your fix in. They send you 5 pieces to try on and you keep what you want and send back what you don’t want and you have 5 days to do all of this! The best part is it’s ONLY $19 a month to get started AND if you purchase something, that $19 goes towards your purchase!! Oh yeah, it’s a win-win all around!

Fare Flair and Fit

This top I’m wearing is Stitch Fix and definitely one of my most worn and favorites lately! This top is unique with its trendy tribal print, corals and blues that are hot this season, and it’s so lightweight it feels like you’re not wearing anything at all! It’s the perfect top for hot summer days/nights. My shorts are one of my favorite by Abercrombie and they are on SALE right now! My sandals are my absolute FAVORITE pair – Tory Burch! These are my statement sandals that I will have forever!!! How will I have them forever you ask? Good question. When you buy shoes with Tory Burch, if you hang on to the box and receipt, should anything happen to the shoes they will replace them for you for free!! That’s amazing and just another reason I love that company (besides the quality being so on point)!

Fare Flair and Fit-25

My necklace is by Bud to Bloom and it’s so dainty that it goes with everything across the board. I truly love this company because everything is made by hand in the United States (I’m a big fan of buying from our own country and supporting small businesses) and every time I buy something from Bud to Bloom, I’m supporting another family. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram! My bracelets are Alex and Ani!

Till next time ~

Toodles loves!


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