5 Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Whew where did the time go?! I feel like it was just Mother’s Day and here it’s Father’s Day in a couple of days. Are you ready for it? Did you find him the perfect gift or are you still drawing a blank on what to get him, yet another year? Read on for some great last-minute gift ideas!

What do you get the dad who has everything? How about the dad who is so picky and wants to pick everything out himself? I live with one of these guys so I know first hand how difficult gift shopping can be for the holidays but fortunately I found some really nice (and unique) last-minute ideas. Of course, you can never go wrong with handmade items – especially when it’s coming from the kids, but if you’re still stuck, maybe this will help you!


1. Give Lovely Gifts is this adorable company that custom creates unique gift boxes for the perfect occasion! This is so practical and I know my guy would LOVE something like this! (I actually bought my husband a lot of these products for his Christmas stocking and he loved them so I know that special man in your life will love it just as much)!   Check them out at http://www.givelovely.com.


2. You can never go wrong with a nice shirt. Ever! Check out these shirts which will make great last-minute gift ideas for the big day this weekend, and they are on sale! J. Crew has this seersucker shirt & it’s just so dapper and fresh (I’m a sucker for seersucker), & Nordstrom has this gingham top on sale right now for HALF OFF and it’s the perfect addition to his wardrobe for the summer! He won’t have to waste time any longer on those date nights trying to decide what to wear!


3. 5 in 1 Grille Tool because we know they love being in charge! This is a neat little 5 in 1 tool for those BBQs and parties where  he’ll be standing by, serving up the grub to your guests and he’ll be owning it with this multi tasking tool!

4. Corkcicle Beer Can Cooler – ok this is kind of genius. Who wants to drink a warm beer?? NOBODY! Problem solved!


5. Fitbit is the perfect gift for a dad who likes to exercise or even just track how many steps in a day he is taking! This is the perfect way to make him see how much he is actually accomplishing each day!


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