Chocolate Almond Cookie Cups


Did someone say weekend treat!? Yes, I’ll have some!!!

I made these cookie cups yesterday for the first time and they were not only easy, but they are adorable and decadent! Truly a party in your mouth! Haha.

I don’t know why but I definitely tend to make sweet things more so than savory as my husband constantly reminds me of lol.  I know me, and I know that if I don’t have a healthy sweet treat to combat my cravings then I would fail miserably at the Paleo lifestyle. Thank God for Pinterest!!


Ok so let’s get right to it. I found this UH-MAZING recipe here and yes I ran out of white cup liners but hey, yellow is my favorite color and it makes me feel happy and I was definitely feeling happy while making these gems!!

These are the perfect snack for a girls night out, or mommy and me play date or weekend BBQ. They are really the perfect addition to any special plans you might have. Try them out, take some pictures & give me a shout to let me know your thoughts!!


Happy Weekend babes!


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