Ruffles & Florals


Have you noticed how much floral everything there is this season? How about, all the ruffles galore?! I’ve never been much of a ruffle girl but I have to tell you, all the styles of this season really have me falling hard!

I’ve been seeing this little number on so many people so I had to make it mine and I’m SO glad that I did! This chiffon top is from Chicwish and it’s on sale right now with an extra 20% off with code “SE20”! It’s so fun to wear and it has the best ruffle bell sleeves which sets it apart from all of the other tops out there. It’s definitely a statement top to be in and what woman doesn’t like to make a statement?!

My leggings are by Spanx (and they are on sale for less than HALF THE PRICE RIGHT NOW!!!) & one of my FAVORITE pair and also really great quality and fabric! I live in these things, even during the summer months – I just can’t get enough of them. I also really love these leggings as well.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Tory Burch sandals. Ladies, if you really want a statement pair of summer shoes, these are the ones to get! I promise, you won’t be disappointed! Plus, if something where to happen to your shoes and you had saved your receipt and box, they will replace with no questions asked! That’s a company I can stand behind.

So of course, my sunnies are Ray Ban AND they are on sale right now too!! My nail polish is by Essie and it’s called Butler Please and it is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. My hair is one thing I’m constantly asked about. How I do my hair, how I curl it, how do I keep it from frizzing up during the summer months (see my post earlier about how to tame summer frizz for that answer) so I have to say on top of being a hair stylist, this curling iron makes it a piece of cake for me. It’s like having magic in your back pocket – it’s that good!

Check out the sales while they are going on & post pictures of yourself in your new stuff when you get them!!!!!





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