Rainy Day Pick-Me-Up

It’s been raining for what seems like dayssss. We’ve gotten peaks of sunshine here and there and then right back to clouds and rain. Ugh.

Well, today we decided to have ourselves a little pick-me-up and cheat (just a little!!!) with a YUMMY TREAT!

The kids were getting rowdy, we were pulling our hair out and it was pouring! we knew we had to do something or else we would all go nuts and it would be a LONG day. What else to do when it’s pouring, you have 2 toddlers tearing up the house out of boredom, but go for a ride and decide to try something new.

Well friends,……we went to the most amazing dessert place ever, called Drip N’ Scoop. It was adorable, and super unique & fun! Check out the pictures below….

Looks delish right?!? If I had to cheat with something that was not gluten or dairy free, I would totally want it to be like this! I am only human and you know what, sometimes we cheat or break our normal lifestyles but the important thing is that we get right back to it again and I must say,…this was well worth the cheat!


I’m sure you were salivating, as I was  looking at this! Anyway, if you cheat and fall short of whatever diet or lifestyle you are on-no worries, just pick yourself up and get back to it. We aren’t perfect and we ALL always fail at some point or another! Be encouraged friends!

Till next time! xo

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